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Adrian Peryer and Sarah Greer design and facilitate strategic sessions to help you co-create and visualize your desired outcomes, build your shared vision, and evolve your operating model. Together we provide independent facilitation, and working with Merralee Retallick and a coaching community, we provide training and capability transfer for those who want to learn to do this for themselves.

Independent Facilitation

Single Enterprise Strategic Sessions

Some meetings matter more than others, and some are so important that it makes sense to invest more time in their design and in their facilitation.


Typical reasons for investing in our facilitation and design include the importance of the topic, the fact that this is a 'one shot' occasion that simply must succeed, and recognition that you need the participants to co-create on something important and complex, where there may be a degree of difficulty in building alignment.


If your meeting really matters then expert facilitation and design helps ensure success.  You need  to be willing to invest in preparation and in bringing people together in an appropriate creative space which we can build for you (one without screens or tables).

Multi-Enterprise Sessions

It may be the right time to try to build an effective partnership or alliance with a strategic partner. You may have a critical customer in an EBC where you’re looking to significantly expand your business relationship.

For these sessions, we help you recognise each other's strengths and create a shared vision for future success, a jointly defined North Star. 

Perhaps you want an immersive and effective Customer Advisory Board to test portfolio ideas and strategic options under an NDA. Or you may want a group of individual leaders to participate in a topic-based action learning set, where each can learn from each other as they jointly tackle key challenges and develop together over a number of months or years.

Asking us to help

We need advanced notice and  preparation time. It usually takes several weeks to prepare for a session, to be really ready to run the event and then to deliver a document of the proceedings (the product). Please contact us for availability. The more notice you can give, the higher the likelihood of availability.

The  typical cost is between $75K - 100K depending on the size and length of the assignment.

Example topics include:

Our Team's Strategic Direction

Generative AI & our Operating Model

 Evolving our IT Operating Model

Designing a Strategic Alliance

Agreeing our Future Shared Vision   


Shared Vision Toolkit

Shared Vision Toolkit Limited is a company Adrian and Sarah founded focused on enabling you or your team to learn and become competent to run successful Shared Vision Sessions. We have leveraged our decades of experience providing best in class Shared Vision Sessions, learning to help organizations align and co-create.  We have applied our experience and expertise to build training, templates, tools, and coaching. You can also enhance the learning by participating in communities of practitioners with colleagues from other organizations.  


Our shared vision co-creation method helps you frame critical questions and ensures people can make progress in answering them, building alignment and stakeholder acceptance as people tackle complex hard topics with our methodology. 

The Shared Vision Toolkit can help create this co-creation facilitation and design capability inside your enterprise. Our success profiles and assessment guidelines help you find the right people for your teams. Using our learning modules, curricula, and coaching, you can enable people to move from entry level to specialist practitioners at a chosen pace.

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