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We design and facilitate meetings, strategic sessions where you want help visualizing your desired outcomes, creating a shared vision and planning the evolution of your operating model. 



Independent Facilitation


Single Enterprise Strategic Sessions

Some meetings matter more than others, and some are  important enough  to invest significant amounts of senior leadership time.  It makes sense to get  external help for such sessions. Typical reasons for investing in facilitation include the importance of the topic and the need for people to be  able to work creatively and deeply  on something hard, or the degree of difficulty in building  alignment.

If this meeting really matters then a moderated session can help ensure success.  You need  to be willing to invest in bringing people  together in an appropriate environment (one without screens or tables), where you  share responsibility  for the design and moderation of  the conversation. 

Multi-Enterprise Sessions

It may be the right time to try to build an effective Alliance with a strategic partner, one that starts with a recognition of each others strengths and a shared vision for future success. Perhaps  you want help designing and delivering a Customer Advisory Board, so you can test portfolio ideas and strategic options under NDAs. Or you may decide you need an ecosystem session where a number of your suppliers can work together in a collaborative environment.  Finally, as an individual you may wish to participate in a topic-based action learning set, where you can learn from others as you jointly tackle a key development over a number of months. 

Asking us to help

We need advanced notice and  preparation time. It usually takes several weeks to prepare for a session, to be ready to run the event and to deliver a document of the proceedings. Please contact us for availability. The more notice you can give, the higher the likelihood of availability

The  typical cost is between $50K - 100K depending on the size and length of the assignment.

Example topics include:


 Making technology a strength

 Evolving  our IT Operating Model

Designing an  Alliance

Agreeing our  future  vision & strategy  

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