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About Adrian Peryer & Associates LLP

We have extensive experience in designing and facilitating strategic sessions. We combine deep understanding of enterprise technology with industry insight and decades of facilitation expertise helping leaders visualize their desired outcomes, create shared visions and plan the evolution of their operating models.
Adrian Peryer has more than 20 years experience working on transformations within the technology industry. After five years in a software startup, he joined Hewlett Packard in 2006 having previously worked as a consultant for the company, and in 2010 founded and led their leading global advisory practice ENVISION The Art of the Possible. Since August 2017 he has been an independent consultant.​
His role in HP gave him experience working with somåe of the largest global enterprises and their technology leadership teams to align around a shared vision for change.  He facilitated the establishment of successful strategic alliances between enterprises and also designed and delivered global Customer Advisory Boards
Adrian Peryer
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