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Beliefs and Values

We believe enterprises thrive long term by learning and evolving, innovating while executing. Easy to write, hard to do. It helps if leaders behave as coaches and ensure everyone understands the strategic direction for the enterprise. This requires leaders to evangelize a shared vision for how the enterprise will evolve as it serves customers. Many leadership teams fail to do this well enough. Our offer is to design and facilitate meetings which help leaders reflect on their enterprise culture and operating model, align on the strategic direction and create a shared vision.

It’s a tough ask to require both execution and innovation but your context probably requires it. Unless you’re a monopoly, while you're busy managing your enterprise, your context is busy creating the next competitive crisis, challenging you to evolve and manage more change. It possibly feels to you as if you're being asked to run up the down escalator, which is moving ever faster. You're being asked to do this while often carrying the load of unacknowledged operating model debt, and technical debt. Recognizing this, we design meetings  where you can reflect on your current situation, with honesty and candour. We think it helps to have such conversations at the same time as you set the strategic direction and shared vision, and we believe it really helps leadership teams to align on the next organizational learning and change challenges, having agreed the current strengths and weaknesses. All of which means taking a hard look at the operating model and asking if its optimal for the next phase of your journey.

What we don't do is the grand consulting assignment. We don’t bring deep analytic number crunching, or maturity models that offer four easy steps to salvation, or a grand design and global transformation SWAT team that promises to connect all the elements to ensure success. We don't have any type of silver bullets (and before you ask we are all out of pixie dust). For all those things you have the >$125B consulting industry.

We only design and facilitate meetings. Because we believe that you have nearly everything you already need to succeed, and that what is missing is often some extra help in having some really important conversations. The conversations we want to help you have are to enable you to reflect, take stock and align. We help you by bringing meeting design and facilitation skills, briefly taking on the role of sherpas, as you and your colleagues determine the next phase of your journey. We listen, summarize, paraphrase and provide creative space. Occasionally we may point out a danger or suggest a better route (our facilitation is built on years of experience helping enterprises transform) but it’s your journey not ours. We aim to facilitate a session that gives you line of sight to your big strategic initiatives, along with the energy and commitment and alignment to act. Our aim is then to withdraw as quickly and gracefully as we can (the opposite of expanding our role) until the next time you may need us.

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