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Beliefs and Values

We believe in the power of co-creation. We think enterprises can thrive by learning and evolving, innovating while executing and that co-creation can play a critical role managing this paradox. That said, co-creation is easy to prescribe, but hard to execute. It helps if leaders lead by example, engaging in co-creation in their leadership team, and then behaving  as co-creation coaches. It also helps if they use co-creation to ensure others understand their shared visions and and desired outcomes. We know leaders often fail to create a shared vision, let alone communicate it effectively. Because many leadership teams struggle with this, we offer expert help in designing and facilitating sessions which solve this one challenge, helping leaders align and co-create a shared vision.

Small organisations often find it easy to co-create and share their vision. It’s a tougher ask once you have scaled. The scaled operating model - the very thing you built to create continuous value - carries within it the seeds of its own destruction.  Even if everyone knows their context has changed and the overwhelming focus is on continuing to run operations, not invest in innovation. So unless you’re a monopoly you're going to eventually fail. But know this doesn't make transformation easier and it often feels to people as if they are being asked to run up the down escalator, which is moving ever faster. If people are being asked to do this while carrying the load of unacknowledged operating model debt - often technical debt - then they may need a  carefully designed meeting where everyone can reflect on the current situation and agree the next stage of the journey. Our sessions are designed to enable people to take stock, to focus on the hard complex topics that need to be discussed and to engage in them with honesty and candour and creativity. 

So that is what we do and what we value doing. What we don't do is complicated analysis, the bread and butter of consulting assignments. We also don’t do pre-cooked maturity models that offer four easy steps to your salvation. We don't do grand designs that promise to connect all the elements and ensure success. We don't offer any type of silver bullets (and before you ask we are all out of pixie dust). 

We only design and facilitate meetings and we teach people how to do this for themselves. Because we believe that you often have nearly everything you already need to succeed, and what is missing is often some extra help in having some really important conversations. The conversations we want to help you have are those enabling you to reflect, take stock and to align. We help you by bringing world class meeting design and facilitation skills, briefly taking on the role of sherpas, as you and your colleagues engage in your summit and determine the next phase of your journey. We listen, summarize, paraphrase and provide co-creative space. Occasionally we may point out a danger or suggest a better route (our facilitation is built on years of experience helping enterprises transform) but it’s your journey not ours. We aim to facilitate a session that gives you line of sight to your big strategic imperatives, along with the energy and commitment and alignment to act. Our aim is then to withdraw as quickly and gracefully as we can (the opposite of expanding our role) until the next time you may need us. If you want us to also teach some of your own people how to do what we do then we will be delighted to do so and will happily cannibalise our core business and transfer our capability to you.

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